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26/06/2015 11:31
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Memories of the french pupils about their trip in Estonia

19/06/2015 14:21
Cassandra , going to Tallinn.pdf Cassandra the guest-house.pdf Cassandra, going back home.pdf Estonia Fiona.pdf Estonia Julien.pdf Estonia Leonie.pdf Estonia Romane B.pdf Estonie Romain.pdf

Comenius Week in Kärla Basic School - Friday, 15 May

14/06/2015 12:55
Friday was our last day in Kärla.  We had to get up early at that day, even if we were tired after all the activities of the meeting. We were also tired for the evening hours spent together with our Comenius friends. We met at school at 8:30. The last day at Karla’s Basic school. We spent the...

Comenius Week in Kärla Basic School - Thursday, 14 May

04/06/2015 13:27
We started that day about 8.30 in school. Later we left school and went to the bus. We had the trip to southern part of  Saaremaa island- Sorve Peninsula. At the beginning we saw monuments of Russian soldiers, and beautiful part of coast. We took some photos, and went to a harbor. We could see...

Comenius Week in Kärla Basic School - Wednesday, 13 May

04/06/2015 13:26
Wednesday was our fourth day in Estonia. We had to get up early at that day, because our activities will have started at 8:30 a.m. For this reason, I set up my alarm for 7 a.m from Tuesday night. After my host and I prepared, we went to Karla Basic School.      When we came to the...

Comenius Week in Kärla Basic School - Tuesday, 12 May

28/05/2015 19:40
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Comenius Week in Kärla Basic School - Monday, 11 May

28/05/2015 19:37
  For Estonians this week started already on Sunday evening. On 10 May, a bus full of long-awaited guests from Poland, Turkey, France, and Italy arrived in Kärla. Here, there were waiting local families, by whom these guests stayed for the whole week. Five foreign students were accommodated...

Comenius in Estonia, on the Island of Saaremaa

26/05/2015 21:54
Last week was unforgettable for the students of Kärla Basic School. People from Poland, Turkey, France and Italy arrived at our school to complete the Comenius project ‘Choose 2 live and think healthy in a healthy community’. The project has lasted for two years, during which time our students...

It is soon time to get together again - in Estonia

18/04/2015 19:02
Dear colleagues and students from our schools of friendship, It is soon time to get together again. It is nice springtime, and you down south can already feel the summer. Every school has its own working pace - some have a break, some have exams. The Estonian team is hoping so much that you have...

Italian Classes 4BS and 4FA

15/12/2014 15:51
CLASS 4FA Hi everybody! This year we’ve joined on an international project called “Comenius” that deals with health and wellness. Our class is going to welcome some foreign students so we decided to create five Power Point in groups. Our group had to talk about possible solution of global...
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