Comenius Week in Kärla Basic School - Wednesday, 13 May

04/06/2015 13:26

Wednesday was our fourth day in Estonia. We had to get up early at that day, because our activities will have started at 8:30 a.m. For this reason, I set up my alarm for 7 a.m from Tuesday night. After my host and I prepared, we went to Karla Basic School.


   When we came to the school, everybody was like ready for the day. So, we started our programme quickly. Our first activity was ‘’Creating animations with the help of the Cinema Bus.’’ For this reason, Mikk Rand-who is an Estonian director and editor-came to school and talked about creating animations by the only one of his kind’s speech in presentation room, for us. J


   After that, we made a group work together and we tried to creating our own animations. For this reason, Mr. Rand, gave a paper to every group.The papers were about our animation’s script. First we talked about our scripts and then we started our activity. Every group tried different methods; some groups did it with papers and pencils, some groups did it with tablet etc. While we were making our animations Mr. Rand and our teachers gave some ideas for us.


   After making animations, the clock was 12.30 p.m already so we went to the school canteen for our lunch. The menu was great and very tasteful for me. After that we will had 15 minutes for the other activity. So, we played a game who named ‘’Computers and Virus’’ with all teams. Our game’s organizer was Birgy Lorenz. First she told about the game’s rule and then we started our game. I was Computer (Headmaster) and my host, Margerite, was Virus in the game. Well, the game’s rule was easy; she must ran away from the other viruses by my guides. And the happy news was Margerite and I became champion in it! J


   After the game, the clock was 1 p.m so we went to presention room again. Because we had a presentation on the topic ‘’Spending Leisure Time on the Internet, with Online Games and the Accompanying Dangers’’ by the lecturer Birgy Lorenz. Although the presentation was little bit long, we learnt very useful and important informations from her so I’m happy for it. After the presentation we made a group work again. Lorenz, gave some cases to us. The cases were about security on the net. We choosed the problems and tried to finding solutions in that cases. By this way we learnt security for the net. The clock was 4 p.m when the activity was finish.


    After Birgy Lorenz, we watched our animations. They were amazing and very funny I think J


    At 4.15 p.m, our activies finished and we came back to our homes. When I went to home I was really tired but happy. And that day ended like that. J

                                              Zeynep S. Dönmez