Feelings of the Turkish Students

06/04/2014 20:24

I spent an amazing week with my guest!We didn't have any communicate problem because she is really talkative and cute person.My favorite moment of the week met with my corrospondent,we talked about my birthday before she is coming here so she prepared birthday card and she brought gift for my birthday.Her hobbies're similar to my hobbies so we were a very good friend.During that week,we  spoke lots of about countries,family and other things.We took a photo together.I learnt 'little bit' Italiand she learnt Turkish too! When she left our house,she said 'Güle güle anne' to my mother. My least favorite(sad) moment was when she left because we were very sad and we cried a lot.

Ciao Marti! Mi mancherai!




we woke up early and came school we very excited. morning we met in school with other foreign friends. i love being together cause we always talk with foreign people. and my teacher said "we are going to farm and we are collecting some vegatables for this dinner." we went farm and collect some vegatables. i think all conturies collect vegatables was good(y). we came school and we started play country's game. i think all games different but estonian game is more different :D after games we are going to another school and started cook. i am cooking and looking conturies cook. school's kitchen really crowded. some students help us. we always take a photo and video. after cooking go to school and nigt is starting :D
we are very hungry and eat something and all people choose very delicious cooks. we taste different cook. i think all coke were very delicious. eat finished, i went music room and i started music. we danced and teachers ands students had so much fun. i think today is realy beatiful funny and tired. but i had fun and i dont forget this night :)

** i think all cooks were very delicious. cook finished and i went music room and i started music. we danced. teachers and students had so much fun.**




02.24.2014   Monday

     It was our second day. We had a good time at the first day. Tomorrow we woke up at 7 o’clock then we had a breakfast. At breakfast, we ate pishi and she loved it. At 08.05 we arrived at the school. Then we started to walk around the school. First of all we went to canteen then we took a group photo in front of the school. After that we went to inside of the school. We went to Comenius corner, we examined into the artworks about countries.

Then we went to the market place. The countries brought lots of foods belong their countries.

  Following that we went to the presentation room. Every country made their presentation about ‘vitamins and minerals found in different food’.   After we hanged out in the canteen until the lunch. For lunch we went to the Mc Donalds with all Project and foreign students. After the lunch we went to the Fatih Park and we started to the city tour. It was hard to do that because the weather was rainy. We went to the statehouse, 8 square, Sultan mosque, Muradiye mosque, New Caravansary and Beyazfil. Then everybody went to the their homes. In the evening my grandparents, my mom, my sisters, Lisa and I went to a restaurant for dinner. We ate Manisa kebab, salad and we drank ayran. She liked Manisa kebab but she didn’t like ayran. After the dinner we went to the Spil Mountain for bird’s-eye view of Manisa. Then we went to the home. At home Lisa talked with her parents. Then we went to bed early because Tuesday was going to be tired for Lisa.

Beyza YAY


We planned to meet in the school at 9:30 a.m. but I was late. We got on the buses and then we went to the Niobe. Duygu gave some information about the Niobe for us. Then we went to the Manisa Mevlevihane (Manisa Dervish Lodge). I gave some information about the Mevlevihane. I think that was terrible because I forgot the text, I forgot everything because I was so excited.

     Then we went to the Mostem High School. Their teachers show around the school to us. After the tour, we ate lunch in the school cafeteria. I think soup was so salty. Then we went to food factory. We were bennet and over shoe. Everybody looks one other and smiled together. I think it was boring. Then we ate strowberry puding. And again we got on the buses and then we returned to school and everybody went to the own home.

Written by Oğuzhan and Duygu.


Our thoughts about Tuesday
That day we woke up early and came to school at 8.00 am then we went to Izmir. when we arrived in Izmir, first of we went to the elevator . We watched  the scene and we took some photos . Then we went to the Clock Tower. There were a lot of birds. We went to Kemeralti. we took photos,our guests bought gifts for their parents and friends. After that, we ate Turkish Kebab. We met our teachers at the Clock Tower. Then we went to Sard . Sard was the Capital City of Kingdom of Lydia . After we went SPA , our guests swam in the SPA. Then we ate dinner . We came back to school at 5.30 pm



24 February 2014 / Thursday


We arrived St. Jean after we had enjoyable journey. We met some our foreign friends. When we arrived St. Jean, cats come out. J We visited St. Jean with a guide. Then we went to Ephesus and we saw the Library of Celcus and we took a group photo in there. Then we went to Virgin Mary’s House. We saw the ‘’Wish Wall’’ in there and we took a wish and wrote it a paper. We had funny moments. Then we were hungry so we went to Şirince for lunch. Şirince is an old Grek village but know it’s just a known touristic place in Turkey. In Şirince we took some gifts for our families. After that we came back to Manisa. At the end of the day, we were happy and tired.


Gamze Uymaz

Zeynep Sevgi Dönmez