Comenius Week in Kärla Basic School - Monday, 11 May

28/05/2015 19:37


For Estonians this week started already on Sunday evening.

On 10 May, a bus full of long-awaited guests from Poland, Turkey, France, and Italy arrived in Kärla. Here, there were waiting local families, by whom these guests stayed for the whole week. Five foreign students were accommodated in our local hostel, where some teachers and a parent took care of them.

Monday, 11 May, started in the assembly hall of Kärla Basic School at 8.30 in the morning. Our headmaster, Mr Jaan Lember made a short welcome speech and introduced every participant separately. Everyone got a name plate on the breast. After that we had some time to show our new friends our schoolhouse and also the surroundings of it. We walked from one classroom to the other, visited our school canteen, sports hall, etc.

Returning back to the schoolhouse, there was a bus of Lääne-Saare Community waiting for the guests with the purpose of going on a round trip to the western part of our island Saaremaa with them. Only Estonian students had to stay at school and have the usual school day.

Our guests visited  Village Viki and the Mihkli Farm Museum over there, Ninase peninsula, the windmills in national costumes, Saaremaa harbour, Tagaranna – an old fishing village, Panga Cliff, Angla Windmill Mount, Karja Catherine Church, and Kaali meteorite craters.

We met again our new friends in the evening and free time with our families could start.


Märt, Marilin, and Joonas