Healthy Recipes (Estonian team)

05/02/2014 21:57


One of our  tasks is to choose some healthy recipes for cooking in Turkey and  to find some more  for our booklet. 

For that at first  the teacher of health education  and also class teachers  talked about  the healthy  action of feeding, about the substances intended for food or medicine,  about the caloric content of a certain food. There are a lot of things that are good for the body, including  sport and sleeping.

 As the homework all the students  had to find out a good and tasty recipe which their mother  also uses  by cooking at home. Almost every student gave an answer and the team of Turkey project  made the  final choice for presentation. The parents, who could help their children with this homework,  wrote about their habits and also about their eating problems. That all was so impressive.

While sport and moving is a part of the healthy life, the students also wrote  about their outdoor and indoor activities.  From among them our Turkey team again chose the most popular games. Perhaps it’ll be funny to try one of them out in Turkey.

Now some preparations  for all that and we should be ready to meet with you again.


Estonian team