Meeting of the Estonian Team

26/01/2014 18:42
Our team met again on 21 January 2014.
We discussed about the posters that every class had prepared to introduce our friendship partners. The result is very pleasant and we can put them all on the wall.
The teachers of different subjects promised us to talk about these countries in their lessons.
 The teacher of social sciences has talked about the political system and the teacher of natural sciences has already talked about the  geography,  the nature, and animals in Turkey.
We have also started with the preparation of  assignments we need being in Turkey. The  colleague of health education spoke about  the healthful ways of life and hygiene in her lessons. The schoolchildren got their homework so that we can use their results in our presentation.
All the class teachers have got a questionnaire to get answers about the outside activities among our students.In this way we hope to find an ineresting game that the young people really like to play. And we can have an idea to take to Turkey with us.
Our team work is moving on.

Estonian team