The Project Meeting of the Polish Team

15/12/2013 21:08


at Gimnazjum nr 22 in Częstochowa

On 28 th November 2013 we discussed about the implementation of activities from France and further project realization. We talked also about the dissemination activities and awareness campaigns not only among our students  but  the students’ parents who are expected to be at school  on 17th December 2013. As we planning to have COMENIUS WEEK between 2nd-    6 th December 2013 we decided to do the following activities:

  1. Meeting the pupils from first classes ( I a and I b) at the multimedia room with the teachers and students who where in France – to show the presentations about a healthy lifestyle and to show the presentation and talk about the first meeting of the partners- Iza Leonarcik, Urszula Stryjewska and Rafał Kucharski were talking about their experiences . As a result students will prepare a leaflet about the healthy lifestyle and disseminate it among local community.
  2. Doing the efforts tests on some our pupils from second classes ( II a and II b) at the gym during PE lessons and on children from other schools ( Primary Schools Nr 26 and 49) who practice  sport in our gym.
  3. Preparing a school display about COMENIUS project and photos from visiting France.
  4. Writing an article about the meeting in France for our school newspaper by the students from the third class ( III a).

In all these activities we used the logo of the project especially the winner is our pupil Michał Grygiel from II a class.