The Project Meeting of the French Team

21/12/2013 20:38

At the beginning of december 2013, we discussed about a course of action and a timetable for implementation for further project realization.

So we planned to do some activities:


  1. First, the pupils talked in detail about their experience with the correspondents, what they liked....their best moments, their problem to speak english! They answered the pupils' questions related to the meeting with other pupils from other classes.

  2. We choose the pupils for the Turkish Trip and for Poland.

    They wanted to stay with their correspondents so we tried to satisfy them.

  3. We were thinking how to make flyers (using the logo done by a polish student) and where we could disseminate them among local community: doctors' waiting rooms, physiotherapist, on cars in the center of Morestel, in the tobacco store, in the pharmacies windows....

  4. We described the cross: the first level (6eme) ran with some pupils of the primary school (1700 meters race).

  5. We started to write the planning during the first meeting with our european partners (booklet) "What did we do ?"

    Here is our presentation.