3.day - Eurocontest, Recording and cooking healthy recipes

26/02/2014 19:25




In the morning we went to college.All groups met at the school garden.After than,all groups prepared own games.Firstly,French group started their  game.Their  game name is Bocce.Its really funny and simple game.All teachers and students tried it.The next group is Poland.Polish group has different game.Its called Netball.During this game,You have to use feet,shoulder and other body parts.The game is really good but difficult for girls.Generally boys played it.Other group is Italy.Italian group has two different games. One of the ‘Scancio’ the other one is ‘Tamburello’. Scancio is really difficult. Just Italian people played  true but  funny! Tamburello likes tenis but of course  different.We generally played this. Next group is Turkey.Our game name is Mendil kapmaca.Next and final group is Estonian.Estonian group has different game too.Their game name is ‘Blue,black,white’.

In the afternoon,some of the Project students and visitor students went to İsmet İnönü college.When they arrived,they made Turkish traditional food’ Red lentil meatballs’ together. Other group made own traditional foods.The other Project students stayed at school and prepared school for party. Project student’s parents made some Turkish traditional foods for party.When we turned our school ,the party started.There were lots of traditional foods from different cultures. During the night,we had so funny and time.We dance and took group photo all together.