5. Meeting in Estonia (10 - 15 May)

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Crafting before Italy-trip


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Turkey's First Day in Italy

Turkey's Second Day in Italy

Turkey's Third Day in Italy

Turkey's Fourth Day in Italy

Turkey's Fifth Day in Italy


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Poland's First Day in Italy

Poland's Second Day in Italy

Poland's Third Day in Italy

Poland's Fourth Day in Italy

Poland's Fifth Day in Italy


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France's First Day in Italy

France's Second Day in Italy

France's Third Day in Italy

France's Fourth Day in Italy

France's Fifth Day in Italy


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3. Meeting in Poland (19.-23.may) 

2.  Meeting in Manisa ( 24-28 February 2014 )

1-Monday 24th February Visit of the school 

 2- Monday 24th February Work's presentation 

3- Manisa

4- Tuesday 25th IZMIR

5- Tuesday 25th February Sardes

6- Tuesday 25th february Turkish bath

7- Wednesday 26th February vegetables in the field

8- Wednesday 26th february the games

9- wednesday 26th February Cooking time

10- Wednesday 26th february evening at school

11- Thursday 27th February st John

12- Thursday 27th February EPHESUS

13- Friday 28th February Dervish turner

14- Friday MOSTEM

15- Friday 28th February Food compagny

16- Departure

  1.  Kärla Basic School 
  2.  Hasan Türek Anadolu Lisesi
  3. TurkishStudentsDissemination 

1. Meeting in Morestel France 18. - 22.nov. 2013

First Day 

Second Day

Third Day

Fourth Day

Fifth Day

  • Estonians´picture - Visit  of the PRIMARY SCHOOL, Guided tour of the HIGH SCHOOL by our former students.
  • Turkeys´picture - In Morestel primary school "Victor Hugo"