First day in Italy

19/10/2014 13:40

On the first day, 13th of October, we gathered in front of the school.  At nine o’clock we went to school hall where the Italians presented how to save water and electricity in our daily lives.  After that we had a tour of the school, where the students introduced their school house, how their tuition is coordinated and what happens outside school.  We were divided into groups and we also visited school periods.  After a break we were introduced to school grounds as well as the city of San Pietro.  We were shown local architecture, different sculptures, as well as the symbol of San Pietro- a lion with wings.


A trip to Verona started at 2 o’clock.  Verona is located on the  Adige river.  This town is from San Pietro about 15 km.  In order to get there we had to pass over verious bridges.  Verona is one of Italy’s oldest towns, with lots of beautiful architecture, which is very different from ours.  We also visited Verona’s most famous church – Basilica de San Zieno Maggio.  We walked through Verona’s streets to Piazza Erbe square, where we were amazed at the souveniers’  market.  We visited Casa de Giulietta, the house of Juliet, whom Romeo loved.  From there we went on to Verona Arena, which is on the square of Piazza Bra.  It rained the whole day, only once we managed to find a shelter near the bridge of Castelvecchio.  Those, who wanted, also walked on the bridge to enjoy a beautiful view.  Our guides were students from San Pietro, who spoke about the history of verious things we saw.


Margerite, Ruth and  Sander