Fourth day in Italy

19/10/2014 13:47


The destinations of Thursday’s trip were: the wind turbines (in Rivoli Veronese), the wine factory and Malcesine.

We travelled on bus to Rivoli and after a short walk we arrived to a windmill park on a hill. There an engineer responsible for the operations of the structure explained us the construction method and the way of producing electric energy. The park can satisfy, with the whole mills in function, the needs of 8 times the electric energy consume in Rivoli. With this system we avoid to release more than 7.5 thousand tons of carbon dioxide. Italy reached to reduce the levels of pollution emission established in the European rules thanks to the enlargement of this energy production technique. Not always the windmills are active, because of the wind variation, but this position guarantees to maintain a minimal quantity of green energy, with no production of emissions. The second destination of our trip was a wine factory near the city of Caprino, immersed in a 100 hectares territory full of grape plants divided into two parts, one there and the other in the east area of Verona province. The communication manager explained us the aim of her factory: it’s to pay more attention to pollution emission control, with a reuse of waste remains from the grapes picking as fuel for the winery coating. They also use natural products for the grapes plant treatment. After a delicious buffet in the winery, we took the bus again and travelled to Malcesine.

This is a little city on the Garda Lake, called also the pearl of the lake for his enchanting beauty and fashion, especially for narrow streets with characteristic shops and a splendid view on the other side of the lake.

We had a look around all together and than, divided in small groups, we had some free time to spend as we prefer visiting the external part of the castle, eating ice creams and shopping.

Then we went back to the bus again and we got back to school where we left our friends to meet again in the evening to have a funny party in our last night in Italy all together!