It is soon time to get together again - in Estonia

18/04/2015 19:02

Dear colleagues and students from our schools of friendship,

It is soon time to get together again.

It is nice springtime, and you down south can already feel the summer. Every school has its own working pace - some have a break, some have exams.

The Estonian team is hoping so much that you have the time, motivation and will to also come and see us, accept what we have to offer and participate actively in all activities.

Our preparations for the upcoming work week started in February. A work group was formed who would be responsible for accommodating the guests, cooperation with the families, organizing various events for the second week of May and, of course, financial solutions.

We truly wished to accommodate all students at homes; however, if the family's child was not able to go on the trip, the family was not able to take in friends from other countries. Therefore, we had to make the difficult decision of having at least three students from each country staying at homes. Kärla has the parsonage's accommodation building so the students, for whom we could not find a home to stay at, can live in the rooms available there. We have done everything we could so that they would have a warm meal waiting for them, and also planned their leisure activities.

We really hope that all families are happy and helpful in all ways so that your students would feel comfortable staying at their homes.

Our team meets every week and for these meetings, every member has a task to fill. And so we are discussing how the processes and organizing is going. There are nice as well as hard moments. Everything does not always work out the way we hoped it would. Sometimes, illnesses or other personal problems get in the way.

Our week of meeting in May will be filled with events. We are going to see the sights of our home island, and the only town of the island - Kuressaare. We are going to visit a recreational center where we are going to barbecue and chat; we are going to make soap at GoodKaarma. However, work shall not be forgotten! Orienteering with smartphones, creating an animation on the basis of the joys and concerns of computers with the help of the Cinema Bus; a visit by the lecturer Birgy Lorenz who will give a talk on "Spending Leisure Time on the Internet, with Online Games and the Accompanying Dangers"; we are going to have a students' conference on the topic "Healthy Lifestyles in the Communities of the Project Partners".

On May 14, 2015 our school's traditional spring party takes place, also all students' parents are welcome. This time, the party is the more special, because we are also asking you, dear friends, to participate in it, and after the concert a festive meal will take place. The evening ends with a DJ and dancing, so we are asking all of you to bring along your dancing feet.

We are really looking forward to seeing you on Saaremaa. This is why we are going to meet you at Tallinn Airport and at the end of the week, we will also take you back to Estonia's capital.

We are sending our warmest wishes until our pleasant meeting soon! We cannot wait!


Kärla School's work group