Italian Classes 4BS and 4FA

15/12/2014 15:51


Hi everybody!

This year we’ve joined on an international project called “Comenius” that deals with health and wellness. Our class is going to welcome some foreign students so we decided to create five Power Point in groups. Our group had to talk about possible solution of global waste.

Each member had a specific goal: to be the leader, to check and organize the spending of the team, to be the link with the teacher to solve our problems and to keep all our papers and sources

We worked together and decided to begin writing about some organizations that aim at reducing global waste, then we thought to draw up a list of advice that everybody can follow.


Let’s face some important topics: eating habits, global waste, fitness, recycling and possible solutions. Why these points?

Simply, we are the future, the next generation. People who have to do something to change the world.


The food group has found types of food which are healthier and less healthy.

By this information we were able to create a table that helps us to analyze what the features of healthy food are. All this information is explained in 10 simple rules; just follow it!


Then why global waste?

It’s an issue which probably will draw your attention! Like a film, because when you start to search the first information, it’s like a chain, you want to know more and more. Then, let’s start and enjoy yourselves!


What about different ways to keep fit?

To avoid being a couch-potato there’s a big variety of sports and exercises you can try, and then you can choose the one you prefer to do.

Physical activities aren’t good only for your body, but they give you psychological benefits too.

We’ve found a lot of reasons you shouldn’t put your feet up: sport dwindles stress and it increases your self-confidence.


In conclusion, let’s see the “Recycling Process”!

We had the chance to discover new and original ways to recycle at home without wasting anything and we have searched curious facts about how different countries recycle in different ways.

Shortly, working in group has been challenging, and everyone has given their support and has shared their ideas for the common project.

Our Presentations


Healthy foods

Flobal waste


Recycling process


One of the most important issues about the Earth is certainly global waste which is  closely linked to healthy  habits. To get students of our school  more planet –friendly,  we have  given  a questionnaire to two different classes  to get further detailed information about their lifestyle and their attitude towards  environment. The questions were about pollution, waste of food and recycling. After examining the answers, we have found  that:

  • The most of the students  know that a big percentage of the food they eat is imported from other countries,  they are also aware that they should buy  kilometer 0 products, because they are seasonal and  fresher than others.
  • Everybody recycles and wastes a little amount of food at home.

As a result, in order to reduce pollution and waste of food,  people should firstly buy  food from their own country. Secondly , if they’ve got  the opportunity, they  may grow their  private  garden to collect fresh products.  Thirdly, they should recycle  more aiming at reducing costs and waste. Shortly, everybody should try to be more environmentally-friendly! 


As part of the Comenius project, we the students of 3BS spent a few hours in class and some at home reflecting on the concept of citizenship while split into groups. We considered this theme from a philosophical point of view, studying how ancient Greek philosophers considered politics, confronting this to our Constitution; we also found out what concept of citizenship emerges from reading the works of Italian and ancient Roman authors like Dante, Cicerone, Leopardi and Zanzotto. Initially we listened to the descriptions of the authors and their works in class, then we split ourselves into five groups to organize a plan of action based on what caught our attention most. To conclude our work we made some PowerPoint presentations to better illustrate our work to other students and to other professors. Some people reflected on philosophical aspects,  others concentrated on fundamental values in politics, some were more interested in good citizenship and some compared different points of view on  the subject throughout history. All in all this has been a positive achievement since we think we’ve managed to reflect on fundamental aspects of our daily lives which we often consider too big to confront. We managed to understand that people of our generation, if they work hard, can seriously change many things, and there are a lot of things in this world that should be changed, and if we don’t show some initiative they won’t improve.



The comenius project “Live and think healthy in a healthy community” organised a laboratorial day on 21st march, in S.Pietro in Cariano.

Some classes took part in this special activity. First, there was a presentation by class 3BS and the topic was “A new nationality”. Then, class 3AF presented its work called “Notes on the decline”. After this, students were divided into groups . Each group was composed by: rich nations, poor nations, multinations and Earth.

There was a simulation of a UN meeting, where the purpose was to reach a compromise. At the end, all classes met together and each group reported their comments.