Meeting of Estonian Team

22/09/2014 12:47

Hello, friends and colleagues!


We have started again  - with our plans and their realizing, we have started with  discussions and  putting  them into practice -  thinking of how to go green…

 On 8 September 2014  our team got together to talk about the tasks we had got from Italian team. Here are our results –

1)class teachers will try to talk about the world’s natural resources and protecting the environment; The most important things is to keep the area where we live and work always  clean and tidy; this is what everybody can  do; wherever  we   go  or  whatever we do, we should clean up after ourselves.

2)the whole school  will answer the Italians’ questionnaire  and the students, who are going to Italy, will put the results  together to prepare our presentation

3)the headmaster of our school together with the students from forms 6 and 9 will prepare the survey about Italy

4)every class together with its art teacher  will make a stuff   bugbear, using household rubbish, that means -   waste paper, old cartons, plastic pots and bags, tins and cans… Their result  depends on the materials which the students can gather and bring to school… Let’s hope that everything will be OK.

5)the students from form 9 will try to prepare suitable posters thinking of the healthy  ways of living…

Let’s hope that our plans will be realised  and we can be satisfied with our results.


Estonian team.