Polish Memories From France

29/01/2014 21:32

Polish Memories From France


I will tell you about our adventure from the beginning. Our trip started on 17th November. We were driven by our parents to the airport in Kraków. We were waiting some time and then we came into the plane. After about 1h 30 min we reached the airport in Munich. There we were waiting again but longer (about 3 hours) for our flight to Lyon. We read some newspapers and I tried all kinds of tea. Finally we set off to Lyon. On the airport we collected our luggage and met Mrs Pascale. Then we went to Morestel by minibus. In front of the school our correspondents with their parents were waiting for us. They took us to their houses. That day we didn’t have school so we could stay at home of our French friends and we could talk. It was exhausting but also very nice day.


Next day I woke up and had breakfast with my friend. After breakfast we went to school. The school was very large. We came in. In the hall a lot of students was waiting yet. Everybody was talking to each other full of excitement. We entered to the school canteen. Before we started visiting school we had eaten croissants and drank juice. After walking throughout the school we went to the Town Hall in Morestel. We had a meeting with the Mayor of the city. We knew some interesting informations about French education and about Morestel. In the afternoon we were divided into groups and we were competing in an orienteering race. It was big fun. We were looking for cards which were hidden in different places of Morestel. Then all we met in our destination and we entered the Ravier’s house. He was a famous impressionist painter. He liked painting sun rises and sun sets. In the evening we were presenting our Power Point presentations. Everybody told something about himself and his community. After that we tried traditional French food prepared by our French friends and their parents.


On Tuesday we met in front of the school at 8:30, came into the bus and set off to Cremieu- beautiful medieval city. Every lane and every house was made of stones. Every window had a shutter. We saw the Town Hall and a castle there. When we finished sightseeing we came back to Morestel. In the afternoon we went to Chambery- a little bigger and more modern city than Cremieu. It was raining but the weather doesn’t disrupt our plans. I saw the most recognizable landmark of the city- big fountain with sculptures of elephants. Then we had some free time for shopping and we got back to  Morestel. That day there was also a match between two football represantions: France vs  Ukraine. France won with the result 3:1.


Wednesday was a very active day. We spent the forenoon in the school gym. The gym was large and well-equipped. At first firefighters had gave us interesting lesson of first aid. We talked also about alarm numbers in different countries and about calling help. After that we took part in effort tests. They consisted of three mensurations of our heart rate: before physical activity, immediately after physical activity and a few minutes after physical activity. It showed us a state of our condition. We were also running. After training we went to school to work on a project. We were talking about educational systems in different countries. In the afternoon French friends made us very nice surprise. They took us to the bowling alley near Morestel. We had a lot fun playing this game. That’s way we spent our 4th day in France.


On Thursday we visited one of the most beautiful and the biggest cities in France situated between two important rivers the Rhone and the Saone- Lyon. There are about 475 000 inhabitants in this city. It is called the gastronomic capital of France. We started our trip at 8:30 in front of school and then we went to Lyon by coach. We began the sightseeing on the Place Bellecour. It’s a huge square with a big wheel on it. We went pass the ancient Romain Theatre and we visited Notre Dame- de Fourviere basilica. It made a great impression on everybody. After visiting basilica we looked at lovely panorama of whole Lyon. Then we went into St. John Cathedral. We were walking through many interesting streets and we saw a lot of landmarks. After sightseeing we were divided into groups and we went shopping. At the end of our trip we met ourselves in the same place as at the beginning- the Place Bellecour. While we were coming back to Morestel every team was talking in its own language full of good emotions. Everyone was very happy and glad. But when we finally reached Morestel we had to say good bye. It was a bit sad but I hope we will meet again.


On Friday our team had to wake up very early. I packed up and thanked my friend and his family for their hospitality, good care and time spent together. Then we got to the airport. We had some problems with our flight because of the bad weather conditions but we finally took off. In Munich we had to wait for a long time (4h). Off course I drank some tea J . After waiting we boarded the plane to Poland. After 1h 30 we landed in the Kraków Airport. It was the end of our great trip to France.


                                                                                                                                                       Rafał KUCHARSKI