Project Meeting of The Italian Team

10/04/2014 14:50

As part of the Comenius project, we the students of 3BS spent a few hours in class and some at home reflecting on the concept of citizenship while split into groups. We considered this theme from a philosophical point of view, studying how ancient Greek philosophers considered politics, confronting this to our Constitution; we also found out what concept of citizenship emerges from reading the works of Italian and ancient Roman authors like Dante, Cicerone, Leopardi and Zanzotto. Initially we listened to the descriptions of the authors and their works in class, then we split ourselves into five groups to organize a plan of action based on what caught our attention most. To conclude our work we made some PowerPoint presentations to better illustrate our work to other students and to other professors. Some people reflected on philosophical aspects,  others concentrated on fundamental values in politics, some were more interested in good citizenship and some compared different points of view on  the subject throughout history. All in all this has been a positive achievement since we think we’ve managed to reflect on fundamental aspects of our daily lives which we often consider too big to confront. We managed to understand that people of our generation, if they work hard, can seriously change many things, and there are a lot of things in this world that should be changed, and if we don’t show some initiative they won’t improve.