Workshops of Polish project group

14/02/2014 12:50

A balanced diet - vitamins and minerals found in different foods – workshops of Polish project group .

On 3 February at a meeting of teachers going to Turkey has been discussed  prepararations have made so far for the visit and set up the date of culinary workshops on February 6, 2014 .

The first stage of preparation for this part of the project consisted of gathering information on vitamins and minerals found in various foods , and the development of a healthy diet. The end  results of this preparations were multimedia presentations and  thematic exhibition " Eat healthily " .

The next step was selection of products from which you can prepare a healthy and valuable food for the body and the development of proposals for the culinary - rules that should be implemented into your daily diet.

Selected recepis will be presented  at a meeting in Turkey.

Then, on February 6 students from our school participated in the workshop of culinary under the slogan " Live tasty and healthy ." As part of the meeting was a presentation of an educational film titled " 10 principles of healthy eating ", were presented certain healthy recipes and stand prepared with products that should be included in our daily diet . In the practical part , students who will represent our school in Turkey showed how easily and quickly you can prepare a meal that is a nutritious salad . They told other students about the  the nutritional content of the ingredients and how to prepare  the salad. It will be our culinary offer to be presented during the international meeting in Turkey.

At the end of the meeting  everyone really enjoyed the prepared dish after testing it.